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So,¬† I’m sure as citizens of the Internet you are well aware of the SOPA and PIPA bills going through Congress in the USA. If you need a refresher, I suggest you start here with Fight for the Future. You could also try Hank Green’s vlog and, for a really thorough overview, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s article.

On the 18th January 2012, that’s this Wednesday, the Internet is staging a protest to demonstrate why these bills are such a bad bad bad idea. And when I say the Internet, I mean the Internet. English language Wikipedia is blacking out for 24 hours. Reddit (the first to make this stand) will be out for the same period of time. Tumblr, Mozilla, and even Google are among the other big names protesting publicly¬† against the bills on Wednesday. Thousands more websites are pledging to stop posting, or to post only SOPA-related content.

Even WordPress is encouraging us to make a stand.

So I’m going to be rummaging around for those candles, putting on an extra pair of socks, and going dark for the day.

I hope everyone who loves the way the internet works will do the same.

Good Luck.