A drum roll please everyone….

Here are the places I look for inspiration, information and insight. And some jokes.

Kristen Mclean’s brilliant blog and Twitter feed for all you need to know about publishing as a whole, the current state and the future. 

The Bookseller and FutureBook (of course).

The Huffington Post Books site and Twitter.

Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr

The Future Journalism Project easily my favorite place for news and opinions on social media and its effect on all industries.

The Society of Young Publishers

The LA Review of Books, on Tumblr – they always have some brilliant and beautifully written reflections on writing, publishing and history.

Clay Shirky is endlessly interesting on Twitter, and shares his genius in longer sections on his blog.

Jay Rosen’s PressThink and his Twitter are always full of opinion pieces on journalism and the internet which get my attention and keep me reading.

Publishers Weekly

Maureen Johnson on Twitter (as well as everywhere else) is reliably hilarious, interesting and important. And a lesson in becoming an insanely popular author.

Similarly, John Green is possibly THE best example of an author using digital media to create and maintain a genuine relationship with his audience. See him in action on YouTube, Twitter and Tumblr.

Jennifer Laughran’s blog and Twitter give a chance to see life as a children’s literary agent.

Grant Bailey has a blog full of things about digital media and music.


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